Our website is established in combination with more than 10-year experienced associates. With strong passion, deep understanding and wide network in real estate, especially in the open era as today, Ms Pham and her associates have decided to create a place for them and foreign investors to net working, express and invest.

We are a full-service boutique real estate brokerage locally owned and operated with headquarters in Hanoi, Vietnam. We manage all aspects of the real estate transaction, from pricing, marketing, shows and negotiations to navigating the complicated measures engaged in closing the transaction. Our customers can always expect a high standard of service, transparency, sincerity and integrity regardless of the size or value of property.

The agency has been redefining the real estate business, modernizing and advancing the industry by fostering a partnership culture in which all its agents represent all clients and listings in a collaborative environment. Our agents share their knowledge, areas of impact, relationships and skills, and provide the best representation and a true competitive edge in our customers following the traditional model of how property is practiced.

The real estate boutique attempts to provide our customers with the greatest level of service and knowledge. We are a full-service brokerage that offers sales and leasing representation, project development and rental services for the short term. We aim to offer superior market knowledge, focus on detail and creation, and an experience beyond your expectations with our friendly and best-in-class staffs. Our mission is to provide exceptional integrated property services for householders, commercial real estates and foreign investors.